What she said and what she means? - Quick question =)

My girlfriend and I broke up after a 2 and a bit long relationship and I want her back and I am in the process of trying. She told me I could hook up (make out, have sex I guess) if I wanted to by herself, nothing provoked her saying this, whilst we were talking about us.

I personally think she just wants some alone time. Does what she said mean the opposite? Does she really not want me to do that but not want to seem like she wants a relationship in the future?

Oh and I told her if she did that then there would be no chances with me ever again but I said it was her choice, I wasn't telling her to do it, it's just what would happen. I mean what I said.

P.s. I am willing to not do anything with other women as right now I am just enjoying my time alone with my friends and not having to care about anyone else but me.

Thanks for any answers =)


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  • What was the cause of the breakup and who initiated it? If she broke up with you and she said you can hookup, have sex, go out and do whatever you want she really means it then. I just think she wants to be left alone for now, give her some space. There's never second chances with you guys (I hate that!) you need to stop saying things like this.

    Since you are trying to enjoy yourself right now why are you asking this then? If you don't care, why bother wondering about your ex?

    • Because I want her back =P And she initiated it for a number of reasons but I just think she wanted her space. She did not say I can go have sex she said I can "go have my fun". I am leaving her alone, I only rarely talk to her face to face or over AIM but when I do I talk really nicely (she talks first or I just say Hi when I see her). I told her that because it is what I feel and I would take her back if she did go do stuff but it would hurt me a lot and I wouldn't feel right.

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  • She is gone, likely. But maybe you can re-evaluate yourself to find your vaults and talk to her to win her back. If it doesn't work, you will have to move on even if it is hard.

    But take this time to meditate on your relationship.


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