Ex sent me a song - FREAKY?

My ex sent me the song "love the way you lie" I'm sure most people have heard the song. Anyway are relationship was abusive and ended a while ago. Well, my ex sent me the song and then texted me the lyrics, but the freaky part was he only sent me these select lyrics:

She f***ing hates me

And I love it


Where you going

I'm leaving you

No you ain't

I snap

Who's that dude

I don't even know his name

I laid hands on her

But your temper's just as bad

As mine is

You're the same as me

But when it comes to love

You're just as blinded

.and then the freakiest.

If she ever tries to f***ing leave again

I'mma tie her to the bed

And set the house on fire

Like WTF does he want ?


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  • he could just b tryin to scare you but you never know...you might wanna b careful


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