How to not give someone your number?

So how do you nicely reject a guy (or someone in general) when they ask you for your number and you don't want to give it to them? (But to make it more do you do it when it's to someone who you have to see frequently; ie. work, school, whatever).


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  • The best thing you can do in my mind is to just be honest and level with them. Jus joke around a little bit with him and make a joke, then say its probly best that you werent to get involved at that time.

    • What should you do when they try again later. This is more likely to happen if you know someone for many years. Is there a more definitive way to reject someone?

    • Well at that point you have to just say a "sorry you're not my type" sorta thing. Don't be afraid to do so, if anything you'll be doing him a favor so he can move on and turn his attention elsewhere. It really doesn't matter what you say as long as he knows you mean well.

    • Understood.

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  • While I kind of agree with Eezy36, a joke might work but I would be honest. As a guy that has been rejected, honesty is better than giving a guy your number and then ignoring him.

    • Yeah but how do you say no to giving out your number in the first place? Like if they just say, "hey can I have your number" and other than lots of attention and note passing they have said or done anything to imply intentions more than platonic. I don't want to just say I'm involved with someone and then he thinks what a conceited bitch I just wanted to be friends or something =/

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  • I politely tell them , "sorry, but I have a boyfriend( or husband) whichever works. Even if it's a lie. I believe it spares their feelings.


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