Did I just screw this up?

OK, so I've known this guy for a few days. We met at a bar, and we have mutual friends. We've been texting a little and tonight I asked him to come hang out, and he did. We went to a couple of bars (no drinking) and we ended up back at my place. we took my dog for a walk and we watched a movie. We were hitting it off really well the whole time and we kept making awesome eye contact and making each other laugh a ton. Anyway, one thing led to another during the movie and it turned into really flirty touching, tickling, etc. one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. When we got done he immediately got dressed, finished the movie, and I drove him back to his truck (though he offered to walk) Did I just screw up a chance at a relationship by letting my hormones get the best of me?


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  • That's a tricky one. Guys are strange like that, we don't want to date someone we fear is the dreaded 's' - word. You can recover however. Just don't play too hard to get after this or he might think you're a bit unstable...tell him he owes you an ice cream and some decent conversation, see if he takes you up on it. If he does it can mean two things, he wants to get laid, or he likes you and wants to get laid. If he keeps getting ahold of you, then you can chalk the 1st night up to hormones...

    • Well, he texts back, but he doesn't initiate conversations. I asked him to a party tonight, he asked where it was, I told him and he didn't respond... I'm kinda confused

    • He came to that party... and another one the next night :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe, but then again maybe all he wanted was a short relationship. I woudn't worry too much about it.


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