Will the affair last?

My husband left me 2 months ago.

4 years ago when we first started dating, I had seen some text messages on his phone. Him and a FRIEND had gone on a trip together behind my back. He apologized over and over again, and I forgave him. They did have intimate relations, but he was sorry and wasn't going to be her friend anymore.

But every now and then they would talk. They had been friends for 15 years and she always liked him a lot. She was very upset about it.

Eventually we married and had a son. He is now 2 and a half years old.

Now he's been gone for 2 months. He swears they are just friends, but it's not true. I am 100% sure they are in some sort of relationship.

Will it last? Was I just a stepping stone back to the beginning? I was always worried about this girl, and now I am worried she will be raising my kid. What are your thoughts?


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  • You don't know why he knew her for years, but married you. I wouldn't think he was using you, and perhaps he just got caught up in the excitement of an affair compared to a marriage... and found her very convenient and welcoming.

    Now he's left you -- are you divorcing? I don't know what you are planning -- joint custody? But don't view it as her raising your child. If it is joint custody it is you and him that are the parents... not her.

    And look on the bright side... maybe he'll cheat on her in a few years, too...

    • We are planning divorce..the papers have been filed. We barely speak only about our son, and not very often anymore. we are planning on joint custody.

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