What the hell is her deal?

So this mom I have been into for month now...she has been hot and cold with me. I invited her to a concert in three weeks and she said we will see I can't make any promises. After that she was like I got some good news. in my head what now could be good news. She say my divorce is finalized this week. I congrats her and let her go back to sleep she said she will text me later it's been 2 days. should I just leave her alone?

stopped by her work at and brought her subway. she threw a dirty towel at my face. said drama been going on in her life. asked her if she was ignoring me she said no. her mom asked about me, if she spoken to me, she said no but needs to give a call.
Some seemed off though, don't know could be stress.


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  • I am going through a divorce as well. I would never throw a dirty towel at someone that I liked or cared about. I think I would walk away until she sorts things out or grows up! Sorry, probably not what you want to hear..

  • divorce is a tough and exhausting thing to go through... let her sort it out. I am sure she will be in touch!


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