Rebound relationships???

Has anybody ever had a rebound that was amazing only to realize months down the road that you were not meant to be together and it ended terribly? And if applicable did it make you miss your ex even more?


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  • With rebound relationships, the main problem is that when some people get into one they are still thinking of their ex. Instead of moving on they just want a temporary replacement to ease the pain. As long as you are going into any relationship for the general parts of it then it will be a real relationship, not just a rebound. Personally I don't think about exes or miss exes, I don't chase I replace. Having fun is first priority and if a woman breaks up with me (most of the time for no reason) then I just move forward and never talk to them again and they wonder why. I don't stay "friends" with them, no talking to them on the street, nothing. Why? Because the friendship ends when someone has feelings... At the same time you want to have fun but sometimes not get too serious with the next person. However by doing that you are not giving other people a chance when you say you want those chances. Having a new relationship or a rebound is a part of moving on sometimes, but thinking of your ex means that you haven't moved one bit. Going by the chemistry, not being negative, and not trying to read into a relationship too much is what keeps is going most of the time. Think about this. By ending it because you thought "it wasn't meant to be", that is probably what your ex did to you if she left you for no reason and you are just repeating the cycle on another that doesn't deserve it...


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  • well honestly I don't think its good to go with someone else for awhile after a break-up when you still have feelings for a loved one it just wouldn't be right I know if I were to do that which I would not I would be thinking of the person I still had feelings/mourning for...while I'm with the other person ...and id probably end up hurting them if my ex did come back its not fair to them or you ..take time to get over them but then who knows exs have been known to come back at different times down the road or even a month later?do what's right...4 u..


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  • The problem with rebounds is that, unless you're mature, you try and make your new partner what your old partner needed to be, to solve with them what you couldn't with your ex.

    Impossible, and unfair; new partner, new problems, and they deserve their own chances.


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