Why do guys flirt when they have a girlfriend?

Okay well me and boyfriend are almost together for 3 months and I never had a problem with him flirting with other girls till these last couple of days ..i feel like he's trying to get back at me since me and my 'ex' talk a lot and hang out a lot then I found out he got mad so I stop talking to my ex 'cause I don't want him to get mad anymore but since that happen he has been flirting with other girls like A LOT! &is it to get me jealous? Or he starting to like other people or what? &why do guys flirt when they're taken? //:


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  • No. Stop thinking all guys are like your boyfriend. Your boyfriend is just the kind of guy who likes to flirt with girls. Tell him what you think of this and see what he does. If he knows it upsets you and still does it, you gotta ask if this is something you're willing to withstand. Keep in mind, just because he flirts with other girls, doesn't mean he doesn't really like you above everyone else. I personally think it's disrespectful, but some guys think there's no harm in it.

    Since you have known each other for 3 months though, you might want to look at what he is like as a boyfriend overall. Does he act like he really likes you and wants to be with you? Is he the kind of guy you want? What do you like about him? Sure, he flirts with other girls - but does he treat you like you're his number 1?

    You gotta ask these things, and keep asking them throughout the relationship. Don't stick with a guy without knowing fully well why you're with him.


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  • Why were you hanging and talking with your ex a lot? It only got him jealous. I don't think keeping an ex is a good thing, for both sexes, but I don't believe in ultimatums either. For the most part, he's getting back at you right now, so he's acting like a kid.


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  • everyone flirts..guys and girls..its nature...

    but what I suggest you do..is confront him about it..

    but to start..i dnt think..you hanging out with your ex and talking to him

    a lot..is a good thing..i think it would bother any other guy...

    so...now that you stopped talking with you ex. let your bf.. know

    that you did it for him..bcuz you care about the relationship.

    and just like you stoppped talking to your ex..you want him to stop

    flirting with other girls...COMPROMISE!..COMMUNICATE...


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