Ex girlfriend's daughter?

Hi, left my ex 5 months ago and have had no contact with her how ever she still sends the usual emails, texts, letters etc. She is also sufferer of Borderline personality Disorder which was a huge factor in my decision to leave after 2 years of putting up.

I ignore everything she sends in the hope she will get bored but to no avail.

She is now going to the level which is, having her daughter (17 years old) call at my house every week, I haven't answered the door to her and it's becoming annoying.

Does anyone know from experience if this type of thing will ever stop or do I have to give in and put my foot down?

Thanks in advance


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  • Ohhhhh, borderline personality disorder is whack, man. If she's really whacked out, its pretty cool you kept on with it for two years. I'm Schitzophrenic, myself, which is very closely aligned, so I might be able to help... Probably like, answer the door, is the best solution. Did you ever read the letters? If you don't know what she wants it could be anything. Like, you might have left a bottle opener in her house, and she just thinks you should have it back, LOL. And she's really set on returning it.

    Mind you that would really freak you out, if she decided just to stick it through the letterbox, and you stumble down the stairs one morning to find a f***ing bottle opener on the welcome mat. That's like Mafiosa. Hahaha.


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  • Since the passive routine didn't work, go direct.

    You want to move on, but since she's harassing you with emails and using her daughter, you're being distracted and you're tired of it.

    "Stop sending me emails, stop calling me before I put a restraining order on your @ss. Give it up"

    • Looks like this is what I'll have to do.

      Thanks to everyone for giving your advice.:)

  • It's not going to stop.

    If you are not totally to the point in putting your foot down, it's not gonna stop.

    That she is willing to put her daughter in the middle...well that is not only rude, but quite irresponsible...however...having said that...

    You need to tell her it's over, done, finnis, telos, koheu, owari.

    If you choose not to make this clear it's not gonna stop.

    This isn't about giving in. It's about behaving as an adult. Ignoring something like this is...well a bit childish.


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