How do I keep from breaking my friend's heart?

A friend of mine asked me out last may and I agreed to go out with him, I had a crush on him and I thought I might get to like him more as I got to know him better. Unfortunately he turned out to be super sweet and stuff. Usually I*'m sure that's an asset, but every guy in my family is like that with the girls they like and it made me see him more like a brother. Anyways our dates tended to be just a little awkward because although we could talk well enough around our other friends we couldn't talk well together. He was my first boyfriend and I think I was his first girlfriend. I decided after about a month that he liked me a lot more than I liked him, he was starting to want to talk about love and I am definitely to young to fall in love with anyone any time soon. So I broke up with him. We talk occasionally at school and I thought he understood we were entirely through because he stopped sending the sweet e-mails he did seeing if there was anything he could do to get us back together, but he emailed me again and I want to know what to do so he knows its over, but doesn't get his heart broken...


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  • well I think you're never too young to fall in love...marriage is a different story. I think you gave him a fair chance however when you broke up with him it soundsl ike you did so out of fear of potentially liking him more in the future. Regardless, tell him again that you think he's your good friend but that's the extent of it. Unfortunatley, no matter what you do I think he's still going to have some heartbreak. But it's better to be honest and tell him sooner rather than later. The longer you drag it out the toughter it will be for you and for him. Good luck.


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