Is it OK for people to secretly chat with their ex, while in a relationship with someone else?

For example, maybe hiding comments and posts from you on their facebook page...or being signed into yahoo messenger as invisible and then see that his ex is also online but invisible. Also I have seen emails and text messages to prove that I'm not jumping to conclusions. He will deny it and get mad at me for asking but then later ill find out he was actually talking to her.


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  • well I don't really think its okay..if he is hiding it from you it must be for a reason right? but have you seen anything that you dislike when you see the emails and text messages that is do they flirt or are they just being friends? if they are talking like friends..its okay..maybe he just doesn't want you to think..that there is something more than a friendship...but if they are flirting have a problem there..i would get pretty upset...

  • If you feel you need to hide it. No, it's not okay.


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