How do I get him back?

Dating my boyfriend for 2 years. Just broke up with me a week ago he won't talk to me at all right now. I think this lead up to this because I saw him like everyday and don't give him his space.

how do I get him back? He's the guy of my dreams and we've been through a lot together.

what does this mean what he said to me:

So I decided that we need a break up and not talk for awhile. I just need time for my self and not have to worry about anything else including me getting drunk and/or worried about something happening. I'm just tired of this and I really don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. That's all.

then I tried to talk ad his answer:

no I don't want to talk in person. I'm sick of this sh*t. Just leave me alone. You got a job, Ur going back to school, don't mess it up. I want to have fun with no problems or drama. So I'm done. Don't talk to me or show up at my house. We're done. Bye

I did nothing wrong to him and he seems really angry. Could it be he just needs time alone for school work friends and to have fun?Since I wasn't giving that to him. Will he ever be back? I have treated him so great why would he give up a 2 year relationship where he had everything he could want.

btw: I am going out with friends etc not just sitting home worrying. but it still is so hard for me because I want to be with him. anyone help what do I do in this situation. seems like he's mad and I did something wrong even though I did nothing so I don't know why he would not talk to me

ughh I just wish he would finally talk to me and at least get my stuff if this is for real and for good. but I never know what goes on in his heas. if he's mad sumtimes we dnt talk for a few days and then he's always the first to contact me nd things are
k or mb he just wants to party and get it out of his system. I don't know but in my heart I feel like he will be back but I can't tell. is it bad to follow your heart when I think this way. I have hope but if it doesn work then its OK 2 hoping 4 the best


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  • What he meant when he said that was: he doesn't really know what he wants from his life, and he can't figure that out with you chasing him like you have.

    You honestly need to give him space, and let him live.

    You did actually do something to make him so angry, you didn't listen to what he wanted and you kept trying to butt into his life. You said it yourself "i saw him every day, and didn't give him his space." --- why do you think that now that you're broken up, it would be any different.

    It sucks. and I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but you need to take a step back from this, and just let him live his life. Sometimes the strongest motivation to get back together for a guy, is the idea that we may never get you back.

    • I know I did wrong and I am trying to change. there's many reasons why I have acted this way and my freind see it. my ex b4 this boyfriend hit me and broke my face open and did a lot of things to hurt me. the way he treated me makes me act diff today. btu I am trying to change and I want him back its so hard. I don't care if he goes out and has fun with his freinds. he's acting like I get mad but I dont.its been a week but I hopehe talks to me soon I miss him so much

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    • Oh, I definitely know. I had to do that with my last ex. We were together for a little over a year, and I loved her with all of my heart. But she said she needed space and time to figure things out.

      It was hard for me, and I couldn't completely do it, and it honestly ruined the possibility of getting back with her.

    • Yea we were together 2 years so its super hard too when you think you could spend the rest of your life with someone.. I haven't really contacted him except like once I just said that I misssed him a lot and that was it I shuldnt have but w.e. its been a week since and usually when he's mad I dnt talk to him for a few days and he contacts me first so hopefully if I'm ever so lucky this will b the case too but only so much

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  • Im kind of going through the same thing but I faught a lot with my ex. he has told me that in the past too, and I believed him, I got on with my life and he ended up coming back to me,we then worked things out with time and space. I think you should just give him some time, guys are funny when it comes to relationships. wish I had a power to read their minds and how they really feel! Think positive cause it will get you through this a lot easier...

    • Thanks it is so hard to not be with him. I find myself crying every night and putting up a front everyday that I am OK. I am going out and trying to have fun but its so hard because he's the guy I want to be with and I just hope he comes back to me. goodluck to you too!!

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