How to let a girl know that you like her?

Okay there is this girl whom I attracted that I spoke to once, just don't know how to let her know that I am interested. As for myself I am a little inexperienced only been on about 5-6 dates. I am still a little nervous around girls there has been occasions where I would talk to a girl then I actually asked them if they had a boyfriend, to tell you the truth I don't know if that worked, becuase they did have boyfriends. The thing is I am still here wondering if they were telling the truth, but anyways. Back to the girl I talking about, I don't know much about her. Don't know how to be my normal funny self around her. Most of my jokes come off as either so corny it's funny or just whack that they just have to look at laugh at me (either way I don't know how I get people laughing). I don't know what to ask her. Looking for some advice.


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  • You should tell her sincerely.


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