Why he coming back to me after he rejected me?

okay, in February of 2010 I meet this guy I started talking to him and I the conversation we talk about myspace...so a week later he add me as friend I was like how did find me...So we talk on MySpace for a month...then it went to talking on the phone..two months later we started to hang out in the park and out to eat but it was only every Monday and Wednesday...so a month passed by we never kiss and we only hug two times...On day I went to his house a I felt that he wanted to have sex with me and I wasn't ready so the next day we talk on MySpace IM an basically we broke our friendship...so the following week he try talking to me but he didn’t...so then I talking to him but was hiding from me...so eventually I find that he hook up with one of my besties and she doesn’t talk to no more so then he hook with Jackie and she left her boyfriend for him and he dump her...so then he walks around the block of my making with his sister best friend...On day he come to my house at 8am on Sunday...I was like what you're doing here I don’t want to talk to you….he told how can you ask me to leave if I came to tell that I am in love with you so now he stock me all the time..That sh*t is annoying! I f he forgot me for 4 months and decide to go f*** some sluts why he coming back to me after he rejected me and hurt so much…..And I can’t trust no more...sometimes I doubt that I had feeling s for him he was starting to became my bestie we share everything…our dreams and etc. And I kind of met this perfect guy….he tells me how pretty I am and stuff…and the other one never told me anything like that…..What do you guys think what should I do?Idk I am so confused and it so hard for me to trust this new guy in my life…..I can feel that he honest but there is something that doesn’t let me move forward….what do I do in this situation?


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  • Personally, I wouldn't say take him back. I don't think he is being completely honest and if he has run around with that many girls, I don't think it would be best for you to be with him. It's not that you can't or shouldn't trust guys, many men are honest and true, it's just that this particular guy doesn't seem to be.

    • I know that I am doing forgeting his stupid ass..I mean I him that long to realize what he lost....honest, open minded girl,trusting and caring girl...I can't take trash back if you know what I mean..At first I was like I couldn't live without him and know that I found a guy that appreaciate me to the fullest it doesn't affected me no more...I try to trust this new guy but I always tend to ask other person waht told me to back up the answer and when I find it's trus it make my want to believe=)

    • I would trust this new guy; and good luck.

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