My ex asked for his stuff back.

So my ex about a month ago asked

For his stuff back.

When I had seen him a week earlier

And I told him to come and pick his stuff

Up he said it was not his dumb right?

So his cousin sends me a text saying he wants

His stuff back I told him well I threw it away.

&& about two weeks later his same cousin that "hates"

me adds me on facebook? why idk?


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  • Because he wanted to be annoying. Because the cousin is just the kind who likes drama and wants to get involved.

  • If you have items belong to your ex, then you should give them back to him. You had no right to throw away his things.

    His cousin cannot add you to your FB account only you can approve of his friendship. If he has previously said he doesn't like you, then you have the right to refuse him being your 'friend' on FB.

    Just block him and delete him from your FB, you don't need hassle.

    Just give your ex back his stuff, then that's the end of it.


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