Hold my tongue or speak my piece - what do you think?

Okay so lets just say I don't wanna be the annoying girlfriend that is always pestering her guy but what if he decides to start not replying to my messages and says we will talk and he never attempts to talk to me so I'm stuck at home like at 12:00 at night when I ever got all pretty cause I thought hey I should still look great even though he doesn't see me often I wanna look nice when he does an guess what while I'm waiting to see him he just doesn't care and when we talk he just walks off and ignores me half the conversation what do I do then do I confront him or just keep my mouth shut and pray to god he realizes what he's doing soon?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're a gorgeous girl, you can't let him see or think that you're waiting around for him. Be elusive and make him earn your time.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just tell him how it is and he needs to put some effort in and stop being so lazy / rude. If he's not going to give you some time and effort then he's not worth your time :)


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