Am I ready for a new relationship?

Nearly two years ago, my long-distance boyfriend and I broke up. It was a very serious and intense relationship while it lasted, which unfortunately only meant that when things went wrong, the whole thing blew up spectacularly. Afterward (and for a little while before the breakup) I was a wreck. Immediately afterward I jumped into a rebound relationship that lasted a few months, then I dated another guy about six months after that rebound ended. Neither relationship meant anything to me, and after the second rebound I didn't want to do that again.

Lately I've been feeling better about my personal life, and I think I may finally be over my ex. It's been difficult because I was in love with him, and even when we broke up I still loved him. But up until now, I knew without a doubt that if we could be together, without the distance, I would take him back in a heartbeat. Now I don't think I would. My friends say that this is progress, but does that mean I'm ready to start dating again?


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  • the thing about long distance I never liked was guys say a lot of things but seldom did what they promise sometimes.

    It's time to say you deserve better and to move forward.

    you know you can do better and find a guy who can be close to you.

    if you're still asking yourself that question, well check to see if everything is in check, are your personal issues in check? do you feel emotionally ready for a relationship? are you capable of not talking about your ex at all? are you more confident? have you learnt the lessons needed to carry on? those are a few sample questions, and if you can answer those and be sure you're done and closed the doors on the past, then you are ready to move on.


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