Do you think he will cheat on me again?

sorry if this is long but I'm in a sticky situation;

things with my boyfriend at first were pretty good,a few fights,but we got over them usually. we lost our virginity to each other after 6 months.. it was a mutual feeling.i got a little clingy even tho we didn't really do it all the time, because I thought it would mean more to him & he never really pressured me about sex anyways. I tried to be good to him all the time. He had a group of guy friends that were trouble. I liked them but didn't think they were a very good influence. One Saturday night he was supposed to go watch a movie with me, but decided to go to a party with his friends because we had gotten into an argument..I let it go, not trying to be too clingy.. he texted me most of the night but I went to sleep pretty early. after that night our relationship went downhill..for a month he treated me like dirt, would pick fights with me, tell me I wasn't being serious about us & accused me of cheating on him.but I was blinded by how much I loved him so I let it go because my heart didn't have valid proof that he had done something wrong. I thought it was ALL ME. finally one of his good friends (who was also my good guy friend) told me that he cheated on me with the biggest slut (who I knew by the way ). The moment I found out, I broke up with him no questions asked. The only thing he said to me was " I know you have someone else". I had never cheated on him, let alone even thought about it I figured it was his just guilty conscience. and I walked away...i avoided seeing him for a month and people told me that he looked mad & upset but didn't say anything about me. we bumped into each other one day & he texted me later explaining how he wanted to give me time but that now he needed to explain himself because he loved and missed me. He admitted to his mistake & said he was wasted etc. so I decided to forgive him. after that we were Hi&bye type of friends because I wasn't planning on getting back with him.that killed him..he begged me for 3 months & told me that he was gonna prove to me how much he loved me.but I still didn't give in even though I still loved him so much. I drove him home one night and ended up staying, only to have him cry in my lap all night confessing his love for me and how much he truly wants to be with me, that I am special and how he was going to wait as long as he had to and improve himself just to get me back in his life. Since then he made major changes, stopped going out as much, didn't get really drunk , ditched that bad group of guy friends, called & texted me everyday, made an effort to see me all the time, didn't flirt around( which I heard from people)…this went on for about 4 months until I decided to be his girlfriend again last month. I gave him a warning that if he f***ed up again id never forgive him a 2nd time.. he swore that he’d never do it again because he can't bear to lose me for good. he's been perfect lately. once a cheater always a cheater or did he change?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Seems you can let go and that's a big problem for a lot of people who get cheated on. As long as you can trust him and his efforts to show you that he's faithful, then you two can work. It depends on the person who cheated and the person they cheated on. If he's really made an effort and seems changed then give him the chance, but you have to believe him. I'm sure there will be times when you will hear stories, so don't overreact to those stories until you figure it out. He could become clingy cause he really gave you a free pass to cheat in some peoples thoughts. A cheater can change but only if his significant other trusts him. So trust him and don't speculate until you get the real story.

    • Thats really good advice..thank you.

      and yes he's quite clingy now...but I guess I like it that way lol

What Girls Said 1

  • it's your call. if you trust him, give him another chance.

    • Yeah, I know...i just wanted to know what someone elses perspective of it would be..

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