Letter to ex boyfriend?

My ex and I split up a week ago. Difficult reasons, I initiated the break up, but wanted time to think on it. My ex made the decision to end it. He said he still loved me and he does still want to be with me. I feel the same. We have spoke on & off this week, and he decided not to give it another go, after speaking with him he says he was sure, but he isn't now. I am giving him time to think.

Do you think sending him a letter of exactly how I feel is a good idea, or will it make it worse?

He ended it because he didn't want me to have doubts about our relationship as it hurt him. He doesn't want to be hurt by it again


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  • Oh Lord No! Men don't respond to words. A guy opens up a long letter and he will be on the defense way before the first sentence. He expects drama ahead. Guys usually don't really get into our feelings and if you tell him before he is ready, it's going to backfire, I would bet on it.

    Give him his time, let him come to you, then he will be ready and willing to hear about your feelings, but if you voice them before, you might as well be sending a letter to a blind man. Timing is everything if you want a guy to listen.

    Also what about how he feels? What if he doesn't feel the same way you do? Will you still respect that and let him be? I think sometimes we forget we are not the only ones with feelings in these relationships. His feelings are just as important, even if they are different from yours.

    • I sent him the letter because it's what I felt was right and I felt so good after I've wrote it to him. He really liked the letter and we're thinking about giving it another go.

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  • I'm glad you did. It was a big risk emotionally, but very brave of you, and no matter how it turns out you would have never known if you hadn't tried. Good luck!

  • go ahead and write your letter to reassure him of your feelings

    it should not hurt him knowing you still love him a lot...

    do it so you wont' regret giving your all

    good luck

  • I once wrote a really long letter to a guy. And all he said was "ok". It hurt like hell that I put in so much emotion and he had no response. The second time, I wrote another letter this time, I did not pass it to him, I kept it in my office drawer, than one day weeks later while cleaning out, I found the letter and realized I had moved on since that day.

    My advice, its great to share things but, he'd never appreciate that effort and might look at it as more drama. Write a letter if you have to, spill your emotions, let it out of the system. BUT DO NOT give it to him.

    • I ended up doing it any way, and I'm really glad I did. I felt ten times better after doing it, and knowing that he liked it despite if we get back together or not is enough for me.

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