My boyfriend finds it hard to get back to me. Don't know what to do?

My boyfriend finds it hard to get back to me. He does work hard I understand that but when it comes to meeting up he texts and phones like mad I don't know what to do.

he gets really horny were not having sex, but doing other things he really does want to though but I don't know what to do I wanna wait

I do talk to him, he says he should make more effort then he does it again.

it's early days should I just leave him not text or phone him and see if he gets back to me first for a change?


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  • dont text him for like 2 days and if he hasn't text or rang you.. text him saying something heya uk? wubu2.. no kisses or anything if he still don't text bak after another couple of days text him and say you obviously don't wana no as you can't text me bak then see wot he says.. if he don't reply or makes up a stupid exscuse he ent worth it! x


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