How do I reunite with my ex?

Ive always heard these methods like No contact. but do they really work? Its going to be 3 weeks this Friday and I miss her so much. I did things that pushed her away, mainly being jealous. She said she still loved and cared about me (friends), she asked friends how I was doing a few days in a row, when I texted her she replied, when I called, she picked up and we talked. But she has not called me yet. I don't know if I'm reading into signs to see if she still Loves me or not. but last time we talked on the phone she did this grunt, she would always to this same grunt when we were in deep conversation and I would cut it short like she didn't want this to end. Now I hear she's doing better did I lose her for good?

Sorry for writing this incoherent question, but I'm seriously confused and lost without her, she was my lover and best friend.


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  • Firstly I feel your pain. I know what its like. But you both need more time to sort yourselves out until you can both talk rationally. At the moment, you're both working through a lot of really tricky emotions and chances are things will backfire one way or another.

    I know it sounds a bit catch 22 at the moment, but give it another 3 weeks or so and use this time to work on your jealousy and any other issues you might have had during your relationship. I'm still reeling from my break up 3 weeks ago, and I know there's no way I can talk to my ex rationally at the moment, I tried the other day but it didn't work.

    Use this time for yourself, get your head and your body back together. I know it feels like you've lost half of yourself but trust me mate, work through it. You'll be better on the other side. Until you feel that you can talk without getting upset or angry or whatever else, best to leave it for now. I'm not saying give up, but its not the time right now.

    For now, listen to happy songs, watch silly comedies and do what you can to take your mind off her. One way or another, you'll come out better and stronger on the other side.

    Also the more you contact your ex, the more desperate you'll look. The trick is here, is to play a bit cool, make her do a bit of the work. She'll come back if she wants to. Best of luck xxx

    • I doubt she Has anything left to sort out. She is over it. She no longer asks about me, she said she wanted to stop by my job, but never did. She's doing people tell me, and I'm happy for her but the pain is great. I know I shouldn't be thinking this but it seems hopeless, I doubt she even thinks about this relationship and what went wrong

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  • First tell her how srry you feel and the question is "how do I reunite with my ex" if its your ex then tell her how srry you are and you made a bigs mistake and how you feel


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  • First you should work out the reasons for yours divorce or break up.If that is your fault that ruined the relationship then accept it before your ex.and if its other fault then make him realize his fault.In this way there chance of your unity.

  • Don't contact her anymore. Talking to her will just make you ask more questions.

    You were rejected so you feel helpless right now. It's okay, I'm sure most of us have been there. The best thing about no contact is you do nothing. You are basically rejecting being rejected. Get out and try to understand yourself more, rather then what she is thinking and doing. Thinking about her is just gonna keep you down unless you start to move on. Stop thinking about getting back together and start thinking about why the relationship didn't work. In order for you to even think about getting back together you need to understand why you two are not together. Once you undertstand why you two are not together, you will probably not want her anymore. The break up is pretty fresh still. Give yourself more time. You have nothing but time right now.

    • The problem was my paranoia which caused her to be guarded, and convinced I was not as confident as she first thought. Trust is key, without it you are an empty shell, you let your mind get the best of you, seeing things that aren't there.

    • Again, I said to work on yourself. Buddy it's called self esteem , it's an esteem of yourself. Work on that and stop thinking that it was all your fault. It doesn't really matter now does it? It's called a break up because it's broken. Only thing you can do is look out for yourself, at the end of the day that is all that matters. Keep thinking about her all you want. But it won't get easier for you.

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