Is it normal for my nose stud to do this?

i got my nose pierced about 2 months now and I have noticed it has gotten really loose like I have to push it back in and I can move it back and forth its a nose screw so I don't know why its moving, any suggestions to why its moving and how can I fix it?


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  • Have you changed the stud since you got it done? Chances are if you've got the same one, it'll be slightly bigger and a bit looser to cope with the swelling that comes any new piercing, nothing to worry about. You just need to switch it for a smaller guage. Go to any reputable piercing place and they'll be happy to get you a new one.

  • yeah it's supposed to move. You can try getting new jewelry that fits better. The best thing to do is use a stud and put a flexible plastic back on it like these link


    They often come on many small stud earrings.

    Just make sure to clean the jewelry daily.

    don't use the backs that have the little loops because they can collect germs and irritate your nose.

    bad: link


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