My boyfriend is LAZY!!!!

I have been dating my fiancé for almost 5 years, with spurts of unemployment on his side. When I have been working every since I got pregnant with our son, who is now 2. I have been supporting us and are bills for a long time. With no motivation on his part, partly to the way his family treated him when he was little. Always doing things for him and never letting him do anything. I don't know what else to do and are afraid that nothing will get him up and moving to do things. He keeps telling me he wants to change. I know he loves me. But I don't understand what to do about this, I don't understand how to get him up and wanting to do something for are family, His down right lazy and doesn't care. I don't know, I have threatened leaving him and everything, but it don't do anything!

What do I do?


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  • You're going to have to question yourself on whether it's worth staying with him or not. If he can't help himself, he won't be able to help you or his son.

    • I apperciate's everyone's advice on this matter!

      @littletad- your right.

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  • tell him to be a man and to stop taking advantage of you, and LEAVE HIM.


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