I should move on, right?

So I liked this girl for about a year... I mean I liked her.. I asked her out a couple times but she ended up legitimately being too busy.. I'm sure she knows I like her because I'm a pretty obvious lover.. she went to Mexico for summer.. now she's different.. she won't even give me hugs anymore.. and its just more of a hi/bye thing.. don't know what happened but I should start moving on right?

Keep saying that to myself but when I see her.. I'm all hey! -__-


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What Girls Said 1

  • Difficult it will be; Force yourself, you must.

    • Man I really must.. but I see her or even a picture of her and I'm just sprung all over again :/

What Guys Said 1

  • She might like the attention, if she is really into you she wouldn't make excuses, if she ask you out you wouldn't make any because you really like her etc


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