Cheating ex is mean to me like if I did something!

We were together for 8 years. Yes, 8 years. We started dating when we were 15 and had an amazing relationship for 7 and a half of those years. No, I wasn't blinded by love or anything we were really good and very much in love up until the beginning of this year. Well to make a story short, he started hanging out with his jerk brother and now is acting exactly like him. I found out that he cheated on me and I think he's still with this girl. I don't want to be with someone like that. Especially because he is not the guy I fell in love with. We have talked about 3 times in the past month. And each time was OK, except for the last. I asked for my key back and he started acting rude. He's the one that ruined everything and lied over and over again. Why is he treating me like this? He was always a gentleman, but now he's treating me like if I'm the one that ruined things. I would be the first one to admit if I was to blame for something, but I was a really good girlfriend. I've let him go, but just wondering what is going on. Guys? Any insight?


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  • Sounds like he got talked out of the relationship. His brother probably convinced him he was missing out on his youth etc by being with only one girl for so long. The challenge you have, as all long relationships do, is that you will grow up with the person. And sometimes people change, or want to redefine their identity. When they do it like he is doing it, it means he's not happy with himself. I bet you wish he could just be mature. After that long you'd also prob want the chance to be single for a while. The question is why does he have to treat you badly, and destroy any chance of a future. Just tell him to f-off. See how brave he is when he thinks your gone for good.

    • I second this.

      But if you do tell him to f-off, I think it's important that you don't contact him!!!

      I can not stress this enough. Or else he will think of you as his "back up".

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  • The reason he's angry at you is because he basically took his brothers way of living and thought that it was alright. He can't see why he did what his brother does and how he's suffering for it.

    I suggest breaking it off with him and like Aia said, Don't contact him for about a month. He'll soon realize what he's missing and come crawling back but then its just your decission if you want him back or not. Simples :)


  • No insight but this: get your keys, and keep going.

    In the grand scheme, it never matters *why* an asshole decides to be a asshole. It only matters that you're not around when it happens.


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