Is he cheating on me with my best friend?

I was on a dare with my boyfriend if 8 months last night. He got up to go to the bathroom when I heard a phone vibrate and realized his had dropped from his picket when he got up. I picked it up so I could give it back to him when I looked at the screen the text was from my best friend. I just had to read it. It said:

Ur too funny! But don't worry. It's our little secret=p We gotta do that again sometime;)

I looked back In his inbox and he had deleted all the texts from her. I knew something was up but I couldn't confront him. So I deleted it. When he got back I gave him his phone. A while later it vibrated again so I'm guessing she texted him again since he didn't get the first one. Which means he might find out! What should I do?


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  • this could all be just a big misunderstanding

    but question him about it

  • your to young to be dating


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