What do I need to do to get my drivers license back?

Went to the dmv well over a couple of hundred times over the past 5 years. Every time it's been some new document I've needed from the municipal and bring them to the dmv. They file them and then tell me which one I need to get next. It's all for tickets they've said I've gotten which have been paid.

Now they are saying that I've got "something" in North Carolina, and this is after they asked me if I had a drivers license in North Carolina before, that won't let me get my license back.

I've never been to North Carolina before. I live in Oregon. All the dmv could do was give me a print out of a screen shot that has my alleged North Carolina driver's license number and a phone number to some office in Raleigh that is now disconnected. They said there is nothing anyone can do in Oregon and I need to either go to North Carolina or get in touch with someone there that can get my the paper work I need to bring back to the dmv in Oregon.

I'm at a dead end. The dmv here has no more information than this. This paper they printed up and gave me has no information other than this North Carolina driver's license number and a disconnected phone number. The only other thing than my SS number which they've written as 999-99-9999 is a column that is labeled "State Requeste" then under that is "ERN AVEN".

I contacted North Carolina's dmv and they told me that North Carolina driver's license number is not valid and they told me they really can't help me unless I have a pin number. I asked them how do I set up a pin number and they told me that I had to be a North Carolina resident to get a pin number.

I tried contacting the news and have written several emails to our local representatives. The news seems to be uninterested and our representatives just say they will look into it. Lawyers seem to do the same. They act all enthusiastic about helping but they make you do all the leg work. When you get stumped they stop returning your calls and just send you a bill for $3000 for all the phone calls.

One lawyer told me that I can't sue them. All you can do is file Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandamus. He said in a case like this it could take up to 15 years.


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  • a couple hundred times to the dmv-sh*t I'd hang myself after that.

    • This is my new plan. Went to the DMV this morning and they told me I have to contact NC and find out what I need so they can let me take the test again.

      NC won't talk to me unless have a pin number. Can't get one because I don't live there.

      So this is the plan. Monday I will walk into the DMV here and explain how the past 5 years they've ruined my life. I will pull out this 1911 .45 acp I got today and blow my head off right in front of them. Look for me in the news. This is all their fault

    • I can't stand going there either and I never got screwed around like you

    • I hate going to the dmv and I haven't been screwed around the way you were

  • Damn just drive without one if its to hard ...you tried your best that's good enough

    • They told me if I get pulled over it will be 90 days in jail.

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