Do I have a chance with him or let it go?

i have this guy I know that calls me sweetheart and sweetie. one time he also called me beautiful,but he is taken and has been for 7 I have a chance with him or just let it go?

he also says hello to me and asks me how I'm doing and will use my names in things..::like hello so and so.


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What Guys Said 1

  • well you might have a chance with him but if he is taken you'll have to be really careful because you could get yourself in a pretty bad situation, either you need to move on or wait for him. but if ya wait for him you might come to the point to where he never comes to you


What Girls Said 1

  • Let him go! You don't wanna be that other woman. 7 years is a long time! Move on and find yourself a nice single man :) If it's meant to be you'll bump in to each other in the future. But don't waste your time waiting and hoping. The rule of thumb is don't go for a taken man! It will only end in tears.


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