Guys: Why do you get over girls so fast?

OK so it seems to me that whenever I see a couple break up the guy will find another girl in a matter of days where as the girl won't get a guy or a crush even til a week or more.

This isn't just one couple, I've seen this constantly happening to my friends and just people in my school.

So is this true?


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  • Well, you're still in high school, I'm assuming, and generally relationships aren't that serious when you're that age (yeah, some people have serious relationships, but probably not most), so it's easier to bounce back from them. I agree with freefall7, who said that guys lose feelings for a girl when the relationship goes bad, where are girls are more hung-up on what could have been. Guys probably see a break-up as an opportunity to find someone more compatible, whereas girls see it as a failure that they need to dwell on. I also think that a lot of girls, in a weird way, like the drama of a breakup (wahh, my life is so hard because I'm a teenage girl and all boys are jerks! ;( ). They like the attention from their friends who are trying to make them feel better, and they also like to hold out longer than the guy before finding someone new so they can say "Well obviously he didn't care about me/I loved him more than he loved me!" and feel like the better person.

    • Urs was put the clearest and I get it now :-) Ty

    • I agree that girls see it as a failure. But, I don't know if a lot of girls like the drama of a break-up. Well in high school, yes. But, break-ups hurt. I don't really share it with my friends because I don't want to annoy them. So no attention there. Girls do have that tendency of holding out longer out of competition in general but for me, it just plain hurts a lot. It's not about holding out. I just see it as a failure. I don't want to rebound and go make another failure.

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  • Moving on is the only solution to getting over someone. Some guys aren't that fortunate to find girls fast, but those who are have the right idea. The thing is that girls always have guys looking for them and waiting in the wings, while guys have to "work" to get a girls most of the time. Most guys are realizing that just staying in one place with a broken heart and thinking about the ex gets them nowhere. Staying in limbo and having false hope is bad. Sitting and crying is worse. Why should a guy shut himself down from the world when there is opportunity out there to have fun and be wanted by a girl? Those girls that take time to move on choose to do that. It depends on the person. I have been in short term and long term relationships and I move on exactly the same way no matter what, but that's me. Even though I went through massive heartbreak, I knew that sitting in one place and watching everyone else have a good time wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I went and made things happen. Trust me when I say that there are guys that get stuck on someone and doesn't want to let go, and it looks pathetic. Girls like MEN that take charge, have confidence, move forward, and have fun. By the way, letting a bad break up set in does far more damage to a guy in the long run.

  • Because guys are interested in the girl, which if a relationship goes south, so do the feelings for the girl. Girls tend to fall for what they want the guy to be or feel they could be, so they linger in the superficial dream state of sorrow.

  • They are just kids not in any real relationship...

  • "til a week or more"... that's hardly a long time

    • Well I wasn't sure how long most girls get over a guy since it takes me like a month [pathetic I know lol]

  • how old are they? I'm 18, my now-ex is 17 and we've been broken up for a week and a bit and there's no way I'm moving on anytime soon.. I just can't, it's not possible. Clearly the guys you see are just having immature high school relationships... wait until they get into a 3 year long relationship and she breaks up with you - that's killer for the guy.

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