Move in with him-should I?

d So he has mentioned a couple of times that I should move in with him like 3 times. We live in two different cities and hour apart. We have been talking for about 5 months but have know each other since middle school. But we aren't dating because of the distance at least that's what he said like 2 months ago. So I'm thinking if he wants me to move in with him then he must see me as a long term thing as in a relationship. He's like you should find a job here and move in with me and that I could have stayed at his place and commuted to school. (I went to college in his city but I've graduated now). When he says that I don't say anything back like give him an answer. I guess because my friend told me that I should leave him alone because he had been hanging out at another chick house. The chick is friends with my friend and they use to talk or date. She said that she thinks that he might be trying to get at her again. But what she says I don't see because I don't think that he would do that to me. Plus he said that I should move in with him even before my friend told me that. So if you wanted a girl to move in with you that must means that you are not playing her and is trying to make an effort for her to be your girl right?


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  • If it benefits you financially, then do it.


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