Can I get him back or not?

so I met this wonderful guy that is 22 and I'm 17. we would always hang out and text all day long and night. he wanted to take it further and I was scared because this was my first time dating someone. I told him its going to be very slow and he said OK. I really liked him but I felt like I was holding him back so I told him to move on. I hurt his feelings and he did. we didn't talk for days and we did again but we would always fight and he would always say he still likes me and by the time I said lets go I was too late. he told me he found a girl. I haven't text him and he hasn't either. what should I do. exclude him from my life.


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  • well I wouldn't exactly exclude from yur life. but I wouldn't "rain on his parade" either. you told him to move on, and that's exactly what he did. so let him do what he's doing

    • Yea because he didn't want to slow it down, but its better to let him go and live his life

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