Is my man back with his ex or what is going on?

OK here is the story. we met online we been together as a couple for 2 1/2 years. He lives on the west coast I live in the Midwest. Everything was cool up until 6 months ago when I left his side of the country after a visit. I have stuck by him when times were rough and he lost his job. after I left this time 5 months ago we were cool he told me that he was gonna loose his house and he wanted me to move there with him. so I'm thinking where are we supposed to live. ill come back to that later. OK I come home and my dad is ill. I been taking care of him since I left my boyfriend from a visit 5 months ago. I agreed to move there with him before I found out my dad was sick and I agreed to get an apartment with his help of just giving me numbers and names of places cause I don't know the area well at all. he never did any of that. when I left he recently just told me that his baby mama broke up with her boyfriend and he is so happy now because he can be her friend again and hang out with her and show his son that mama and daddy can get along. bad idea. I told him I don't like that idea and I won't come second to her but his son come before me. he accused me of saying he is a bad father because I disagree with their friendship. well she is letting him use her automobile and they are hanging out and going places and taking pictures and things.going to parties together with out the son present. back to the situation with my dad. since I can't come there now he said he is tired of being put on hold because I told him I would move there but now I can't just yet because of my dad. I offered him to come here and be with me. I begged him and I never beg a man that's how much I'm in love with him. he said no because he has a 4 year old son and he don't want his son asking for him and he not be there. so now I feel like I'm loosing him. he won't talk to me he told me to quit calling cause he won't answer. I tell him I love you and he won't tell me back... when I say, you can't say it back? he says do you always have to remind me? he is so p*ssed at me cause I won't up and move there but he don't even have a permanent place to live. he stays with his brother and has no income. my heart is breaking. I asked him was he still my man and he said he ain't got to answer that because if he wants to make me wait for an answer for two years that would be OK cause I'm making him wait. I don't get it. what should I do? where do you think this is going? and am I a fool? yeah he has to wait for me but when your in love it shouldn't matter.


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  • any kind of contact with an ex is always trouble


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