Is it cheating??

So me and my girlfriend have had a number of issues. Right now we decided to go on a break. But in that break not see anyone. So we are essentially just avoiding each other for something like 6 weeks.

Yesterday I started talking to this girl. I did it just for the hell of it. I'm usually a kinda shy guy in most aspects of my life. So I'm trying to be more bold. So for the hell of it, I saw this girl she was kinda cute and she looked at me a few times. I thought, I don't want to be a coward. I'm gonna go talk with her.

So I did. And it went well, kinda surprising too. Anyways we exchanged information. We talked about doing stuff to like see a basketball game. I had a great time talking with her.

But afterward, I feel a bit weird. This new girl, she is cute and nice and I find her attractive. But my girlfriend, I feel like I don't want to give her up just yet. It crazy too because I HAVE TRIED TO BREAK UP, and 4 times or so!

Its insane, my girlfriend, I'm not happy with her for a number of reason, some reasonable some just not. But the time we spent together(1yr) still means something to me, and I'm afraid to throw it away. I feel like its cheating to talk to this girl, it probably is. I want to be fair to my girlfriend, but at the same time am I holding myself from something better? Should I stay with my girlfriend and work on the problems that we have had or go for this girl.

If I want to keep my girlfriend while we are on break and still hang out with this girl just to get to know her, how bad is that? ( I'm thinking it is 100 percent cheating)


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  • The way I see it you're on a 6 week break in a relationship that has only lasted 1 year AND you've tried to break up with her 4 times... that all adds up to a relationship that's not going to last. You should not have that many problems in the first year if you're looking at this to be something long term (ie moving in together & marriage). End things with your "girlfriend" and focus your efforts on this new girl.

    • It makes me laugh to see simple reason. And your answer couldn't be closer to the truth, its just that this is the first real relationship. Breaking those connections emotional and otherwise, its really hard. Thanks for your candid response.

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  • If you are on a break, than I see nothing wrong with attending a basketball game with a new girl. It may make you realize just how much you miss your girlfriend, or it may open the door until a new relationship.

  • If you at least tell your girlfriend what's going on and see how she

    feels about it, its not cheating.

    Dont be secretive or your going to lose both ways.

  • see the *we were on a break episode on FRIENDS* clears everything up lol


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