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If a woman you loved told you to get out of her life and she never wants to talk to you again and she wish she never met you and other mean things will you still love her back ( you obviously did something to her for her to say these kind of mean things like cheat etc ..) ? Will you let go and let her be happy even if it hurts you ?


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  • Let her go, no matter how much it would hurt to do so. Love means caring more for someone else's feelings, more then your own. Even if it means never seeing the person you love ever again.


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  • Um, I have been through this exact situation with my best friend.

    I did something horrible and she said she didn't want to be my friend anymore or ever talk to me. I bothered her for 3 months trying my hardest to apologize and see if we could salvage our friendship. When I finally accepted that we would never be friends again, I asked to talk to her one more time, so I could cut any loose ties.

    When we talked I asked one last time if there was any chance at all and she said that there was before I started bothering her so much, as her friends started calling me a stalker, and she said she would try to give me another chance but we would never get back to where we used to be.

    After a few weeks, we didn't really talk that much and I felt like we weren't friends at all. Ironically, she got into a car accident a few days later. I texted her all day because she hurt her head and she wasn't supposed to sleep that day. This saved our friendship and we are now best friends again.

    I wanted her to be happy and I really felt she would have been happier with me as a friend. I was going to let her be that time though.

  • I'm thinking if I was the kind of douche that would cheat, I'd probably treat women like objects that I want to possess. Having this type of personality and demeanor I would probably do some crazy sh*t thinking I deserved you boyfriend I finally moved on. HOWEVER, maybe he's a sane person and will let you go, OR he was trying to get rid of you but took the chicken sh*t way out of doing it instead of just telling you he was unhappy the way a man should.

  • If I really cared about you, yes. I'd want you to be happy. I'm not like every guy though - And I will admit that It would be very difficult if I had strong feelings or wasn't able to at least apologize after I was told those things. I was actually thinking about this earlier today... but in a completely different situation. GL.


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