Do I wait or move on?

okay. the thing here is that I have both of these guys that I like and talk to all the time. both of them have ex girlfriends that they still kinda like but when they are around me they don't show it. I'm not even sure if they like me, but if they do, I don't wanna be the rebound girl or anything like that... they are both really sweet! you can't decide these things over night. but I have to get some sort of idea of what ta do.. absolutely clueless over here!


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What Guys Said 1

  • stop talking to them and letting them use you to be their emotional crutch. You're the one who stands to get hurt more than anybody...

    If they like you, give them time and space to get over their last relationship and THEN see if you want to let things progress.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well if they both just finished with their ex's and they both still have feelings for them then I wouldn't go there but your the one that's gonna end up getting hurt, and like you said you don't want to be a rebound or anything do you?


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