Boyfriend's Ex Won't Leave Us Alone?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. Recently while back in his home town, we ran into his girlfriend. She saw us, walked over to us and inappropriately gave him a huge hug. A few days later I notice that she had texted him to call her. He did call her and they spoke on the phone for over a half hour. That night I asked him if they had spoken since we ran into her and he denied it. Finally, a few days later he told me she and her boyfriend of a year broke up and he's been talking her through her feelings. How should I feel about this? Is this okay that they are doing this?

A bit to add... A few months ago she had told him that if they were both single, she would want to try a relationship again and that she would be a better girlfriend than she was in the past.


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  • First of all... the reason she's doing this is because your boyfriend LETS HER. If he did not respond to her requests - text her - call or whatever he's doing ... she would have no fuel to add to her fire. You know what I mean? He needs to IGNORE HER and I do not understand why he isn't unless he still has feelings for her. Does he? Any guy who can't show respect to the girl he's with doesn't deserve to be with her. He's direspecting YOU and your relationship with him. Tell him .. he needs to stop or you guys are over. And mean it. My ex did this to me and I finally told him to make a choice. Guess what? He chose HER. We were together 4 yrs. NO CONTACT. That is the only way he can show YOU that he loves YOU.. He has NO business talking to that ex. NONE. When he stops, she will give up. Good luck. Hugz.


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