Boyfriend's Ex Won't Leave Us Alone?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. Recently while back in his home town, we ran into his girlfriend. She saw us, walked over to us and inappropriately gave him a huge hug. A few days later I notice that she had texted him to call her. He did call her and they spoke on the phone for over a half hour. That night I asked him if they had spoken since we ran into her and he denied it. Finally, a few days later he told me she and her boyfriend of a year broke up and he's been talking her through her feelings. How should I feel about this? Is this okay that they are doing this?
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A bit to add... A few months ago she had told him that if they were both single, she would want to try a relationship again and that she would be a better girlfriend than she was in the past.
Boyfriend's Ex Won't Leave Us Alone?
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