He has a bad reputation?

He has dated two girls previously, and cheated on them both. Do you think he could change if we would get into a relationship? I'm not saying I'm special or anything like trying to change him.. but I don't want to get involved and then get hurt.

should I not try at all ?


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  • Only you can decide if you're comfortable with knowing this. If you do decide to continue dating him, take it slow and keep your eyes open. Don't blindly give your trust and heart away to anyone- those are things that should be earned, and if he has truly changed then he won't have any problem being honest, reliable and trustworthy for as long as it takes. Realize that by giving him a chance there is a risk involved, but that it's also YOUR choice and if you're going to be devastated if he does cheat, this probably isn't a risk you should take.

    That being said, I don't agree that cheaters will always be cheaters. People are perfectly capable of change, if they're ready and willing. I mean, I look at the person I was when I was 18, and I barely recognize myself back then. Everyone has a past and it's unfair and pointless to judge someone for who they were rather than who they are now, especially if you didn't even know them then. Knowing a person's mistakes is basically just useful info ("oh, that's something I didn't know about you,") but it can't be used to predict the future.


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  • You can't change a man no matter how hard you try. Sorry, but you can't change him unless he wants to change himself.

  • sorry to say but a leopard never changes it's spots, like a cheater never stops being a cheater, and I would highly encourage you not to go there.

    • Do you think it could just be a phase ? like he was still in his "player" mood or something? We are both newly graduates.. He had these girlfriend in high school sometime.

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    • Thanks for the advice !

    • No problem chickadee :]

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