Should call him after a break up?

my boyfriend and I have split up and had some pretty horrid arguments the past few days...he see's it as tho I'm leaving him (cause I don't love him) when in actual fact its not that I don't love him because I do a lot..i even moved from UK to Australia to be with him.

i warned him 6 weeks ago how unhappy I was living in this town, that I couldn't work doing what I do. that I didn't see this as somewhere we can make a living. he suggested we move to his home city..he found us a place to stay and was looking into work, then when I asked him last 2 weeks ago about it he changed his mind and said he wanted to stay here till Xmas.

i told him that I couldn't do that and I'm so unhappy here that I would be back in UK by Xmas..i said I wanted to move and he could think if he wanted to come with me. I have a job offer now in the city he suggested we move to so I'm going to go on my own. he chose to stay here over coming with me and now things have gotten so ugly.

he is furious that I am leaving him with rent to pay and yesterday made me leave the house. I am no in a hotel and paying for it with the money I was gonna leave him for 1 month rent.

i leave on Mon and I don't know if I should call him say I love him and don't want to part like this..arguing like this is not in my nature and doesn't sit right with me to leave knowing I've hurt you think I should call him or leave it and see if he calls me(then I can say what I want to make this sit right)


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  • Send him an email, or letter. Its easier to make sure you say everything you want when you write it, also if you call you may fight and be unable to say everything you want. I'm an honest believer in that you should try and say everything you can, before giving up and moving on. The last thing you want are regrets of things you should have said or done. Or at least give you and him closure and let him know the truth. Tell him the exact reason everything happened so he can understand that it could have been different. But yea, its a good idea and a good way to get your feelings off your chest. Good luck


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  • Neve Neve callllllll


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  • I see no harm in calling him if you want to but stick to your guns with the moving. You moved a long ways to be with him, the least he could do is move to the city like he already said he would. So he changed his mind when he would move there to xmas. Why don't you move now and then he can join you at xmas? I don't see the big deal. Don't let him do this to you. Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks anya..yeah I have suggested that to him but he says he is not prepared to live apart from me again and that if I go we are over. I'm defo going just wanted to say that I'm sorry for hurting him and let him know I love him before I go..silly really, even although he has hurt me.

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