Should I tell my partner everything?

I've been with my girl for 2 and half years and at the start of the relationship she was talking to her ex girlfriend behind my back then ended up breaking up with me fir her which didn't last too long and I soon took her back and from then on I promised myself I'd always tell her everything no matter how little it was or if I'd get in trouble for what I tell her. Recently I've noticed I'll tell her something and I'll get told off for it and she would be moody for ages arguing with me eg the other day this girl who I used to be friends with online whom we kinda got close way before I met my girlfriend, me and this girl have never met but she text me the other day asking how I was and we started talking again just as friends there was once feelings but they went out the window as soon as I got into a relationship with my amazing girlfriend my girl said that she wants me to delete her off my phone when I've done nothing wrong I've told Hershey text me and what she said and I said I'm too honest truthful and trustworthy I'd not do anything to hurt my girl but I'm just thinking should I start keeping certain things to myself in future? Since I know she never let's me on her phone and even has a password for it. X


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  • there are some secrets that can be kept as such, should stay as such...those that can't and which will eventually surface need to come out in the end...choose wisely and consider your audience


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