Signs your ex wants to get back together?

what are some signs that your ex wants to get back together with you after they broke up with you?


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  • always asking who you're with, if you're seeing anyone, etc


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  • i broke up with my boyfriend and although I don't regret it I do miss him and want him back. however I would only take him back if he changed. he may never see the signs that I want him back unless he made a very big effort. I'm a private person and it would take a lot to draw those feelings out after how much he hurt me. until then ill keep them to myself because I don't wanna be hurt again.


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  • Unless she actually says "I want you to be my Boyfriend again" treat EVERY advance as her being lonely and wanting some company.

    Sleep with her if you want but don't get tangled up in her..

    Flirt with her but KNOW its not serious.

    • That's horrible advice.

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    • Where did he say that she left him for another guy?

      Just curious.

    • 9 out 10 times its the core reason...

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