Why must a good thing come to an end?

I have noticed that relationships no matter how good both people are, are destined to end or have some sort of drama come up. The couple could be together for 3 months to a year and everything is good, but then one day something goes wrong and the relationship ends.

Does anyone know why this drama comes up or maybe how to prevent it?


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  • It's impossible to prevent all drama. But really good communication and understanding of the other person is one way to avoid most of it.

    Not all relationships are doomed to fail because of drama. Some drama is good drama and some drama is horrible. The difference between a successful couple and an unsuccessful one is that a successful couple has good communication and are willing to talk and work through their differences rather than blow them out of proportion, avoid them, or just give up.

    My boyfriend and I have been dating a year and we have never had an argument. I attribute this to the fact that we actually talk and we talk about almost everything. I can tell you that we've avoided some potentially sticky situations because we're honest with one another.

    • Im happy for you and your boyfriend :). Sadly its not my relationships that are buggin me. My friend and his girlfriend who dated 1yr and 2months had some random drama and broke up and my other friend has been friends with his girlfriend 3yrs and dated her 9months and they aren't looking too good. I hope they can improve their comunication skills. This is a very good answer to my question

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  • all good things never last.simply as that


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  • I've thought the same, but that won't be a problem when you finally meet that person you'll die with. Look at relationships before that as scrimmages, getting you ready for the big game "marriage" haha.

    I also have this personal theory that I call the Jefferson theory. When Thomas Jefferson was president, America found out that he fathered 5 childeren with one of his slaves. Many thought that was the end of Jefferson's reign, but he just ignored it and said nothing...by doing that, he was elected president for another term.

    Basically you can avoid drama by completely ignoring it. Say nothing, do nothing...it'll all come in the end. JEFFERSON THEORY! bam

  • It's all destined to end, anyway. 'Til death do ye part...


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