Can a guy let his son and child's mother live with him and they not be together?

Can a guy let his son and child's mother live with him and they not be together? The guy told me it was some things going on at the child's mother's house and he had to let them come stay with him for awhile...because he couldn't let them end up in the streets...i guess it's just hard for me to not see them still having sex and getting back together because I know there is still some type of feelings between them


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  • Well not exactly. I don't believe all of what the anony girl said. He obviously had enough will power to ask her to move out or to break up with her. If I had a kid, but me and the mother were separated or broke up, I would still let them come stay with me anyday of the week cause that means I would get to see my kid all the time and more often. I don't know its sometihng you have to have a genuine and sincere conversaation with him. If you found out they are having sex just leave him.

    • So just saying hypothetically you was in this situation and you let the mother of your child move back in you would not be tempted to have sex with her or maybe even try to work things out?

    • Not if I was trying to pursue another girl at the moment. I mean I normally don't get back together with exes cause they are an ex for a reason. But if I had my sights set on another girl, no I wouldn't try to work things out or just get sex from the mother.

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  • dont believe the okey-doke. I'm sorry but I would assume they are f***ing because most likely they are or will still have sex. they had enough love/chemistry to make a baby together..and the child is still young so it wasn't even that long ago. now they are going to be living together. most women when they have a baby by a guy are still gonna want him, or at least have their family you think about it. there are still some type of feelings between them, they are living together, and basically living as a family (mommy, daddy, and baby) so why wouldn't they have sex? its gonna happen eventually

    • Your absolutely right....i guess I'm in denial...

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