I lied and told him I was seeing someone else?

me and my ex have been off and on for almost a year. I do love him and I want it to work but I always break things off cause I don't trust him and I feel like he's not changing. every single time I do he begs and fights for me back but when we start up again we always have issues again so its been off and on like this continuously. I now lied and said I was kinda seeing someone else and of course he's right back to begging for me back. is this a good idea? will this work? when will he change? and if he's not going to why does he beg for me back? please give some advice! I know you guys will say just leave him but I do love him and I want to make this work :(


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  • Sounds like if he won't make a change, you need to. I know you don't want to hear someone telling you to leave him, that's a hard thing to do. Why don't you take advantage of your current break and use it to actually see other guys. Maybe that'll be what it takes to remind you of what you deserve - someone you can trust, and count on, and who is willing to put WORK into a relationship instead of just whining when things aren't working out. You can't be in the business of changing people, only changing yourself.

  • You need to decide first off if you want a future with this guy or not. It sounds like you're unsure about what you want. On one hand you don't want him but on the other you keep letting him talk you into getting back together with him.

    If you don't want him back, don't lie. But be straight forward about it. Let him know clearly that you are not interested in him like that and to back off.


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