How often should I talk to my ex-boyfriend? I have a lot of anger built up towards him!

OK so my ex boyfriend and I are "friends" NOW.. I know I want to be more than friends with him because we were together for 4 years and I have strong feelings for him... he broke up with me about a year ago because he "lost love" we speak very rarely ( once every month and a half ) and he recently added me back to facebook asking why I deleted him initially. I want to know now how often do you suggest I talk to him as a "friend" ( every week, once a month , every 3 months ) also I still have a lot of anger built up towards him because he put me through a lot ... how can I let him know this discretely? I have mixed feelings with getting back with him because of what he put me through.

i feel kind of uncomfortable seeing him on facebook chat all the time .why ?... I wonder if he feels the same way ?


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  • Just ignore him.


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  • I am going through the same. My Ex Girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. We are friends now. I too don't know how much I need to speak to her. We talk once every two weeks.Just a simple HI how are you, what's new. I don;t ask if she is seeing anyone. I say don't try to smother him , because that will push him away. Just ease yourself back into his life, don't rush things. It's a good thing that he didn't cut you off completely. Be confident. let him know that you're doing well, and trust me he will come back crawling. As far as the anger, you need to control this. It's not going to help you getting back with him. you need to work on that.


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