How can you stop obsessing over a break up?

I broke up with my boyfriend 4 weeks ago and I was happy with my decision.I got a new job and have been staying extremely busy but now I'm second guessing my decision. I miss him and am tempted to reach out to him. He texted me last night asking if I had called him restricted I replied "no you and I are over I have no need to call you" I feel bad for my reply but I'm angry for the way he treated me. What do I do? any suggestions?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, if you want to get back with him then I would say take it slow, reach out and let him know the reason why the 2 of you did not workout and see how things progress.

    That text was harsh but you said what you said and there is a reason why you said why need to appologize unless it will ease your conscience.


What Girls Said 1

  • Since it was for weeks ago and still some type of contact let him know how you feel. And apologize how rude you was in the text. All you to say is no. But the way you answered he knows you still have something for him. Try not to come off as needy, just let him know how you feel and maybe he would get the picture.

    • Thanks! I was planning on texting him this "Sorry for my rude response yesterday. I'm still a bit upset over how things ended. Hope your doing well" what do you think?

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