Do you think my ex wants me back or even still loves me?

well its a long distance relationship and we broke up about a week and a half ago . we broke up because I felt like he doesn't love me because he doesn't express his feelings and when I asked him he said no. so that's why we broke up oh and during the relationship he never used to talk to me first or anything unless I do it first . but now it's totally the opposite like my friend asked him yesterday if he still loves me and he told her ya . then he told her were still in a relationship so I got confused so I asked him and he said just friends not like that . I was like OK . then I wanted to make sure if he did love me during the relationship and he was like of course I did. but I felt like he got mad because like its like I should know of course he loved me or something . but ya now he's like talking to me almost everyday like yesterday I said hi and he was like hi are you busy? I was like no . so it was like he wanted to tell me something or wanted to badly talk to me . like now we just talk like how are you and simple stuff . but I feel like every time he talks to me he wants to say something because when we were in a relationship he never used to talk to me first now he's the one always saying hi and like on his profile he put I love you so much then I miss you . I do still have feelings for him but their fading away because I think we won't be back together but I'm still a little suspicious because ex's don't talk to each other after they break up unless they still want each other back or something . so . do you think he still loves me or even wants me back ? :/ . & how can I get him back because I love him so much like you don't even know ..

Love terri


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  • Don't ever get back with an ex. You'll just end up being hurt.


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