Do girls look more attractive when they walk with their back straight?

i always walk with my back straight, I don't sort of hunch over like a lot of people do it just feels natural but people are always saying that I look stuck up and some have said it looks unattractive its always the girls but they're the ones that hunch over.

so does it look unattractive if you have your back straight?



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  • Maybe they are just envious that you have good posture? I don't see why someone walking tall rather than hunched over would be a bad thing. Walking with your back straight is very good because it subtly shows people that you are comfortable with yourself. No one likes to deal with another person's insecurities, so having good posture shows that you are in control.

    Also, walking upright can be sexy. It makes that arch in your lower back that leads down to your butt. Guys will notice that as well.


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  • Make sure you don't look like you just sucked on a lemon and you're ALWAYS smiling.. it increases your face value :))

    Honestly though... who cares? Sounds like your friends are just giving you a hard time LOL

  • i dotn see y people would think a hunched back would be a good thing... but itsdepends on how your standing steaight... if your like fully straight and like holding your chest out like you would see soilders doing then that would seem stuck up. but if you are just standing naturally straight then it would be better. I hate seeing girls hunched over. they look weird.


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