What should I do about my ex?

when I bring up us having an "Open Relationship" he freaks out and say nobody is gonna be having sex with my girlfriend. but I constantly hear about him having sex with other women. and I know its true. even though he lies about it. its like when I talk to other guys he gets upset but I know he's fooling around on me. what should I do?


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  • Walk away from him unless you're perfectly fine with him sleeping with other women and hurting you. No guy who thinks its okay to do certain things and then get angry when his girlfriend even thinks about talking to other guys doesn't deserve a girl's "serious" time. If you want to be with him then tell him straight up that he either stops what he's doing and gets serious about just you or you'll leave him. If he keeps denying it then tell him that you know and that his lies aren't going to help him out. Building lies onto lies just makes the hole you're in deeper.

    • Me and this guy I’ve been talking to for about 3 months. Have been hanging out we also have been having sex. Almost everyday. also he has a habit of going through my phone && when he saw me texting another guy he got mad and was like "well go "F" with him then, if your gonna talk to him don't call me no more" I don't get it one day he says Were not together (which he claims was out of anger during a argument) then another day says he wants to be with me but he’s taking his slow sweet time commiting I don’t get it.

    • Chances are he's not going to commit because he's already getting what he wanted (sex). Pull yourself away from him. He'll either get scared that you're leaving and try to make it work or he won't care which shows that he isn't worth having in your life.

    • Thanx appreciate it

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