Ex texting me everyday?

Why does my ex text me everyday? We broke up in feb and now for the past 3 months he texts everyday always initiated by him and sometime we chat whole day? Who stays in contact with their ex after breaking up? Is he just being friendly? He keeps calling me the nicknames he used to when we were dating.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Did you break up with him or did he break up with you?

    Yes I did stay in contact with my ex, she looked me up, and we dated again but it was a bad idea becasue she is still the same person 4 years ago (bitch).

    Its better to cut your ties and go about your life.

    He prob still has feelings about you or wants to get some (either or).


What Girls Said 1

  • Are you sure you broke up? I f you really did then maybe you should after a tell him after a text or two that you're having a busy day and need to get going or something. You seem way too available. If you think this might be a reconciliation then ask him to meet you for coffee.Maybe he wants to get back together with you.


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