Limited contact with ex girl?

Hey, over the weekend my ex girl who dumped me 2months ago got back in touch as my dad is ill, it was good of her. At first we were communicating grand but then for some reason I began to impulsively vent, now I know its over but I don't get why I vented or understand the answer she gave. She asked me 'was I easy to get over?' I said no then she said 'I heard you were planning to travel for a few months' I said yes to get over you her face changed. Then for some reason without thinking I said 'I really wish you weren't my first love !' and she responded 'I wish I was not either' Now what I don't understand is why I said it and I really don't understand why she said that back is it because I hurt her feelings or does she really mean it we had a good relationship and broke up really because she wanted to be single because of her age 23. Your opinions please I'm confused I really want us to be friends


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  • Do you want her back? Given that she got in touch because of your dad, you can tell that she still cares! if you want her back you may still have a chance if you ease yourslef back in her life. But don't set your hopes up too high. As far as bieng friends it is possible, but first you need to get over her and control your emotions.

    • I really did want her back up until few weeks ago, but I know she needs to be alone and will be happier being alone as she has not really being single and as corny as this sounds I really want her to be happy she means a lot to me a hell of a lot and I don't think it has been a easy time for her either. Man how do I get that control I thought I would have them under wraps by now

    • Let me tell you what I've done. you can write everything down as if you were writing her letter, let loose on there. you van curse say what ever you want. then throw it out. DON'T send it to her. A stupid as this may sound trust me it'll help

  • Um...its over bro. You made the mistake of venting your anger, never vent your anger (unless you are over her).

    Why do you still want to be friends with her? if she broke up with you then I say be goine to her, her loss not yours.

    • We were best mates for 4years prior to being together that's why

    • Well its over....cut your losses. Your 23, no need to let this little hiccup worry you.

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